MICrOFIBre or cotton blend available.

The Dust Mop vacuum attachment works great at removing the fine dust that most vacuum attachments can't reach. Ideal for dark floors where dust can be very noticeable.  The Dust Mop Tool is an easy-to-use central vacuum attachment which not only cleans, but polishes without scratching.  

Remove the mop for easy laundering and re-use it over and over again.

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Airstream is a revolutionary central vacuum system that creates a healthy environment for your family by eliminating harmful dust and microorganisms which lead to allergies.


Your home deserves a quiet and efficient central vacuum system that creates a healthy environment. Airstream offers central vacuums for homes of any size.  alt=


Airstream products are compatible with this retractable hose system that allows you to automatically and easily retract and store the hose inside the wall after use.